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Texture Key 

Have Curly or Wavy hair? 

Did you know that 77% of our population has curly hair? Yep, chances are you are a curly girl, even if you never knew it! That being said, our hair texture is unique, and each curly head of hair has its own unique curl, texture and shape.  In order to honor your curls, I will shape and trim your curls while they are dry.  This allows me to cut your hair according to its own natural fall. 

I will also use sulfate, paraben and alcohol free products to maintain the richness of your texture and wave and ensure a luscious and bouncy curl.  Lastly we will go over best practices for maintaining your natural curl and body.  


Kinky or Coily



bouncy curl _edited_edited.jpg

Loose Curly


Wavy or Swavy

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